Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life gets crazy busy sometimes...

UGH, I wish I could have Jan/Feb back where I was bored cause I had nothing to do! It must be the warmer weather or something because we are suddenly running around like a bunch of ants. Life turned busy all the sudden when I wasn't looking!

Anyways, I have been working out every day, just haven't had time to blog. Sat. and Sun. I had to workout at home, silly gym closes early those days. both days I did about an hour on the stepper (around 600 calories on the counter) and I did various other exercises.

I unpacked my summer clothes from storage, and I have my WHOLE wardrobe back! things that haven't fit in years fit me now. I am so excited! It feels so amazing, I want to shop for new cute clothes, but now that I have so many things back that I can wear, I don't NEED any new clothes. shucks!

Today workout...
gym stepper 35 min., 340 calories, 140 stories
arms, abs, back, legs, stretching

food: ( I was soooooooo bad today a friend came over with donuts this morning and I ate some throughout the day! My reasoning, gotta get them gone so I won't eat them! ;/ HUH?) hehehe
breakfast: donut (UGH)
lunch: somen noodles, salad, grilled egg plant
snack: donut (UGH)
dinner: mac and cheese, teriyaki chicken (grilled in the oven!), salad

I am STUCK at 68 kilo. I haven't budged in two weeks. So from tomorrow I am hitting a major veggie diet to try and get a few more kilo off before we go to the states. My muscle tone is AWESOME, I'm seeing muscle in places I forgot had muscles *giggle* but I need to lose more fat and for some reason I am at a standstill all the sudden. So food is going to have to be the thing that changes. I had kinda slacked on eating because I've been doing so good losing weight and seeing size change. but since weight is in a rut, tomorrow we get serious about eating again! I want to be down before going to America where I'm not goign to be able to work out as much and will be MAJORLY tempted with all kinds of very fattening food and DR PEPPER!

Praying for strength!

OK, so QTbaby is officially on the Yahoo! Japan Auction site as of tonight! If you want to see we have two items up, a boy and girl outfit. Here's the links...

They'll be up for 5 days, so I'll let you know how it goes. We have another flea market this weekend. This last Saturday was good but there were very few customers. The place was so deserted. This coming Saturday is in a better location, supposedly lots of people come through! So we'll see how that goes.

OK, I'm off to bed. Oh before I go, My baby girl is 1 year and NINE months today. Time flies soooooooooooo quickly! Today she started saying TWO when I show her some number flash cards, and she is on a NO kick, everything is NO! ugh, followed by a yes if the answer really was yes! little munchkin! She's so precious and so much fun!

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