Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Work out report (5/03)

Well the gym is closed today becuase it is a holiday so I worked out at home after spending all day cleaning the whole house. I would say I got some excersize today!!!

41 minutes home stepper, 500 calories, 3584 steps
arms, abs, stretching

lunch: stir friend veggies, rice, tea
snack: a few pieces of chocolate covered almond
dinner: cucumber and egg plant soup, tomatos, sashimi and a tiny bit of rice, water

Rocky's brother's family will be here tomorrow and they are staying with us now that they have a second child. so I will be really busy from tomorrow and probably not have time to come on here, OR workout. Plus family getting together means EATING, hopefully I will be too busy fixing all the food to do any eating!

Gotta go get some rest before I start the rest of this crazy week.

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