Wednesday, May 31, 2006

SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!

OK, so you'll never believe this. Guess how much I weighed today????

drum roll please......

66.9 kilo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe I made it down into the 66's. My goal was to be 65 by the time we go to the states. Can I do it? I have 11 days!

Today's workout...
35 minutes on gym stepper, 150 stories climbed, 360 calories (I upped the level, and FELT it)
abs, arms, back

breakfast: CyberWize shake
lunch: KFC grilled chicken salad bowl
snack: a few strawberries and a few sora mame (my dictionary says these are called broad beans or horse beans in English)
dinner: boiled pork and enoki mushroom on lettuce, tomato soup, a little bit of rice

dranks tons of water or tea today too.

I had a much better day today. Very low stress! I got up and did a little house work, went to deliver some CD's, grabbed lunch, taught a short Bible study as baptismal prep for a Nepali woman who is getting baptized next month and her pastor wanted her to be preped in English, then had the rest of the day to myself! Hana took a good long nap, we went shopping for dinner when she woke up, and then had a nice evening together as a little family (quite rare these days). I need a lower stress day!

My hubby's Daddy is so sweet. Yesterday at our concert a few situations really stressed me out because of some issues that Dad didn't take care of himself and he should have. He is always supposed to let the churches know we need someone to look after Hana during the concert and he forgot to do that. She ended up not really having anyone fully in charge of her and wondered around the sanctuary from person to person during the concert. This was stressful to me because I didn't know what she was going to do next and although she was being very quiet and never did anything she shouldn't do, it was stressful not knowing when she might head for a door she should go out of, or run up to the stage to try to get to me, or whatever. She is so amazing that she is such a good baby, but mommy anticipates what might happen and can't concentrate on the concert because of it. So Rocky let Dad know that this was a problem and he called to appologize to me this morning. He was so sweet, said he was really sorry it stressed me out. He's just such a humble, neat man and I am so thankful he is my father-in-law!

The Bible study I did today with the woman from Nepal was so awesome too. She has not be discipled in the Bible really and has been attending a Japanese church so I wondered how much she understand about the Gospel and if she even knew WHY she was choosing to be baptized. Her faith and wisdom amazed me. She would answer questions I would ask her by saying, "I don't know why I know this, but I hear it whispered into my heart." When I explained to her what we must do in response to the gift of salvation that God offers us, but believing in our heart and receiving the gift, she told me, "I have spent night awake thinking, wondering if I was crazy for wanting to believe but my heart kept telling me, you have to receive it, you have to receive it!" The Holy Spirit has been teaching this woman the things of God!!! I knew these things happened in places where there is no one to "tell" the people, like I've heard stories of places in China coming to faith just because of dreams or just such "heart" responding. But it was such an honor to be a witness to the very same thing happening right her in my own city. I do not get to see Sushila very often, she works from 7am to 7pm every day to support her family while her husband is getting his PhD. She is an amazing woman, and God has been working in her life for many years. The testimony of her and her husband both coming to faith when they came to Japan is incredible. I will tell it more in details someday I hope but no time for it today!

I gotta go, the finale of American Idol is on in Japan tonight and I am taping it. I want to try and watch it before I go to bed, I might not get through it though because it is already 11:3o!

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