Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's my birthday! (and workout report)

WOW, what a birthday! I got a new clock and an oven all in one day. The oven wasn't really a birthday present, it was a necessity because our other oven broke but still it is exciting! and the clock is awesome, I'll hopefully take pictures and upload tomorrow, but tonight I gotta get this done and get in bed, it is 1am here.

I had a sweet date with my wonderful hubby tonight. He's so amazing and I LOVE spending time with him, especially since lately we don't get as much free time as we used to! We went to eat at a very nice and delicious Italian restaurant, and then went shopping for a moment and had our favorite desert at our favorite cafe. Our favorite desert is called Blueberry Sugarpie! We call each other sugarpie so it is quite special to us! AND very YUMMY!!!

So here's my report for today and I am off to bed...

home stepper, 51 minutes, 3450 steps, 500 calories
arms, abs, legs, stretching

By the way I got a new stepper today! The company replaced the other one because parts were breaking off of it every time I used it and it was REALLY loud. Rocky called yesterday to explain and see what they'd do even though we were a couple weeks past the one year guarantee, but they were very understanding and immediately sent a replacement! It arrived this morning, talk about FAST! It is so smooth and quite! I LOVE IT!

breakfast: toast, honey, milk (since it was my birthday I went ahead and had my favorite toast and honey even though I have been committed to only drinking shakes lately)
lunch: mushroom/ground pork on rice, salad, water
snack: a small piece of birthday cake a friend brought
dinner: a VERY nice 6 course Italian meal (we won't talk about the calories because it was my birthday!!!) and of course SUGARPIE for dessert!mmmmmm

With my new oven, which has lots of fancy high tech abilities, we are going to be eating some majorly healthy wonderful meals from now on. This oven will bake with super heated steam! This means I can "fry" things in the oven. If it is an oily meat like chicken, then I don't have to add any oil and it will fry beautifully, if it has no oil like some seafoods then I can just add a little bit of olive oil and it will fry up nicely! Plus it came with a recipe book for all kinds of casseroles and veggie side dishes! Can't wait to try them all. I can also oven back AND microwave at the same time, so cakes take half the time to cook, etc. This is one amazing machine! I can't wait to use it tomorrow!!!

good night

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