Friday, April 28, 2006

Work out report (4/28)

Life is suddenly crazy busy everyday. I was soooooooo tempted not to go workout today. We were headed home from the church cafe and I just wanted to come home and chill for a little while and then get ready for tomorrow, but I am so proud of myself. I came home, got ready to go workout and went and did it. Not only did I work out, I did a SOLID workout, upped my stepper level and stayed at that level through the whole cycle. And I wasn't sluggish like I thought I would be after such a busy day (and some sugar today, bad bad me!) So here's the stats...

stepper 35 minutes, 340 calories, 130 stories climbed! that next level up really adds some work
abs, arms, back, stretching

incidentally I am seeing more flexibility when I stretch. One of my questions right now is whether a person who is not flexible can become flexible with persistence. In high school I tried for years to do the splits and never could. I wonder if I just wasn't trying hard enough or if a person can be physically made in a way that they just won't flex in certain ways. I am determined to become more flexible if it is possible... just curious about that one

breakfast: toast, milk
lunch: remen noodles with lots of veggies on top, tea
snack: chocolate shake and a donut (this is the BAD part, I was going to splurge for the donut but my friend I was with bought me a shake and handed it to me, I was like AHHHHH but couldn't refuse it, she'd already payed for it, so ugh, I drank it)
dinner: salad, a few french fries
after workout snack: banana and milk

I did NOT do well with eating today. NOT at all. And we will be gone all weekend and I probably won't have much control over what is offered. Then next week Rocky's brother's family will be here... LOTS of eating will take place then! OH my, I hope I can control myself.

Gotta go to bed.

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