Friday, April 07, 2006

Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper???

OH MY! I just heard about this. This is bad, very bad. You see living overseas makes little delights like Dr. Pepper, PRECIOUS JEWELS! When I was first in Japan 9 years ago, Dr. Pepper was only available in Tokyo. Then about 6 years ago they put in a Costco about an hour drive from here, and you could get it by the case there! This is what is responsible for the 10 or 15 extra pounds I'm carrying around these days I believe! I just can NOT control myself when it comes to Dr. Pepper. So we stopped buying it. It takes ALL my willpower to go to that store, and leave without getting any but it has been a couple of months since I had a Dr. Pepper.

The only problem is, we are going back to the states in June, and I found out today about this Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper. OH MY! OH MY! When Dr. Pepper is readily available, I can not resist drinking one. I am working so hard at getting in shape and losing weight right now and I am afraid that this trip back to the states will undo it all. WHY did Dr. Pepper have to come up with another yummy flavor? ugh

There is just something about that supply and demand. I studied it in college in economics, I will never forget the chart and how we had to learn the correlation between them. But I have thoroughly experienced it since moving to Japan. When something is rare or unavailable, when you CAN get your hands on it, it's like a hungry pack of wolves. GIVE ME ALL I CAN TAKE! It is the same with my favorite foods as well. Especially Mexican food. Why is it we want something so badly when we can not have it.

My reaction to actually having something that is hard to get here is odd though. I do one of three things...
  1. Hord it until it expires and I can't eat it anyway! I always want to save something for a very special time, and then I save it and save it and save it until it goes bad or doesn't really taste good (this always happens with my pecans in the freezer, or that cereal that I can't get in Japan)
  2. I devour it the first day I get my hands on it. This would characterize chocolate and my cousin Debbie's snack mix.
  3. I consume just a little at a time over a long period of time and I am jealous over it like a wild animal. I have been known to get really angry at Rocky for drinking the last Dr. Pepper! Poor guy!

So I begin now praying for CONTROL! I know I can have a Dr. Pepper while I am in the states, and there is no need to drink 15 a day as if I may not live to see tomorrow. But will my taste buds believe me when I try to convince them of that!? I'm off to stare at the homepage and drool, dreaming of my next taste of Dr. Pepper...


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