Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Work out report (4/19)

well, two things from yesterday really made a difference today. I was suprised that I could so clearly tell. Yesterday I had some coke, and I forgot to take my tunguska blast. Today, I was so sluggish, especially on the stepper. What was a simple workout on Monday was tough to get through today. NO MORE SUGAR, and don't forget the T BLAST! But I got through a pretty hard workout anyways.

stepper 35 minutes, 308 calories, 126 stories
abs, arms, upper legs

breakfast: toast, milk
lunch: soba noodles, water
snack: a couple marshmallows, diet coke
dinner: bifun, 3 gyoza
evening snack: (I was starving after my workout) banana and yogurt

weight: 38.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I keep this up I'm going to be a very happy woman!

My most awesome news today, I bought a pair of capri streatch pants at a store I went to today and I got the largest size becuase in Japan I absolutely ahve to have the largest size, but when I got home and tried them on, they were almost too big! I'm keeping them anyways, but I can't believe they are almost too big! I may be able to purchase a few pieces of clothing here in Japan if this keeps up.


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