Sunday, April 16, 2006

Work out report (4/15)

The gym closes at 9 on Saturdays and I just didn't get up there in time so I worked out here at home. I did my little dinky, and might I add NOISY, stepper here at home. I did 32 minutes, it showed I burned 366 calories and stepped 2623 times. Then I did ab crunches, side bends with some weight in my hands, and ended with some stretching. It felt great. It is so amazing to be able to look down at my own legs and not really recognize them. The muscle tone is so cool! My arms are the same way too. And I wore my "skinny" jeans again today, the ones I haven't been able to wear for more than a year. I can't believe how comfortable they feel! I love it!

breakfast: nothing, I was too busy dealing with a temper tantrum Perturbed
lunch: chicken salad, tea
snack: a cadbury egg (a souvenier from my friend Anne)
dinner: pigs in a blanket, and veggie soup, water

no scales at home so I don't know my weight today. All I know is I'm feeling awesome. Even my toe seems to be healing nicely and I managed to go all day today without bumping it, or it being stepped on!

Happy Easter!

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