Saturday, April 08, 2006

Work out report (4/07)

OK, so if anyone is checking this blog, you can ignore these entries. They are just for my personal accountability and record keeping. Probably really boring stuff for the rest of you...


Joined the gym on the 17th of last month and since then have only missed two days of working out except for the day the gym is closed (Tues.) on those days I work out on our dinky little cheap stepper at home and do my ab work

weight has stayed the same!? but I am significantly slimming down. The weight thing has got to be the muscle I am gaining! Wish muscle weren't so heavy, because if my weight would go down I think I'd feel a little more like I was accomplishing something. But just the fact that my clothes fit so differently, I see curves in my arms and legs, and my love handles are practically gone (sugarpie is sad about this Pouty but that is too bad because I am very happy about it Wakka Wakka ) . It feels GREAT!

I watched a guy weigh in today, he weighed 55 kilo! I can not imagine a grown adult weighs so little, I realize he was about half my height and build, but still, what would it be like to be so... small.

Weight 70.4 (can't wait to be in the 60's)
Stepper 30 minutes on #8 (296 calories, 121 stories climbed)

Eating journal...
breakfast - toast, milk
lunch - sara udon, water
snack time - strawberries with Hana (a small piece of cake too)
then I made the mistake of baking cookies and tasting the batter and a cookie, ughhh)
dinner - one slice of pizza, a carrot

be in the 60's by next week
down to 65 by June

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