Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Work out report (4/18)

Tuesday is the one day of the week the gym is closed so I worked out at home tonight. I sort of enjoy working out in front of my own tv so I can watch some English programs. At the gym I read a book while I am on the stepper, because all the tv's there are too far in the distance to really be heard. So tonight I watched the Disney Channel, some 30 minute sitcom kinda shows while working out!

stepper - 45 minutes, 3880 steps, 542 calories (I just felt like going and going and so I did!)
abs, stretching

breakfast: toast, milk
lunch: rice, miso soup, 1 crouchet, and various pickled veggies
snack: small pudding cup my friend brought over when she came to visit this afternoon
dinner: rolls, veggie soup

My friend also brought a coke today, ughhhhhhhh. Luckily Rocky helped me drink it and so it is all gone, but I could have done without those calories today. I am sure it won't hurt me that much but the longer I go without coke the easier it is not to drink it. Once I drink some, I want more! This is my big struggle. I read lots of different ideas about cokes, some say don't cut it out of your diet, if you do you will crave more sugar and struggle in other areas of your diet. Some say cut it out all together and only drink water. I don't know about the craving sugar in other areas, but I just don't think I want to keep putting that stuff into my body, and I would prefer to only drink water and teas, some orange juice sometimes and of course milk. It would definitely be easier if all temptation were removed from before me and only healthy things were there to be chosen! Such is life, I know!

So since I was home tonight, I couldn't weigh myself. I am sooooooooo tempted to buy scales. I am so hoping I will be 68.something tomorrow! I believe if I eat like a good girl tomorrow, I definitely will be! We shall see!!!

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