Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Work out report (4/12)

It felt so good to work out today since I missed yesterday. But I broke my toe on the way up the stairs from the dressing room. It's been injured for a while, and it is bent weird now. I guess since it stays bent it gets caught on steps and changes in the floor level. I stump it about 10 times a day and Hana and Rocky step on it as many times or more. but this evening I REALLY stumped it jogging up the steps at the gym. I wish I could just cut it off! It is purple and blue and red and about three times it's normal size tonight! OUCH!

but I worked out anyways. My routine on the stepper is getting easier and easier every time. I set it to pattern number 8 and go 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the most I can do and pattern #8 looks to me to be the hardest one aside from just controlling the levels myself. I may start doing that to increase the cardio workout even more soon. But right now it must be working well because....

I FINALLY HIT THE 60's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weight was 69.9 tonight! woooohooo, I was so excited. I can't wait now to hit 68! My new goal, to be 68 by the end of this month!

Work out stats...
stepper: 30 minutes, #8 302 calories, 123 stories climbed! (I upped the level of the cool down so this got my calories burned into the 300's!)
arms, abs and back

TOMORROW: do legs!

  1. breakfast - toast with honey, glass of milk
  2. lunch - leftover burritos, salad, coke (we have a liter in the house and I wanted to get rid of it so I drank it, NO MORE COKES)
  3. snack - two banana oatmeal cookies, glass of milk
  4. dinner - rice cooked with mushrooms (very small bowl), two small wieners, boiled spinach with sesame seasoning, various pickled veggies, water
  5. NO SNACK TONIGHT, because I'm not hungry

Weight: 69.9 (have I told you I am excited to be in the 60's)

I know for a fact however that my slow weight loss is due to muscle gain. My leg and arm muscles are becoming very defined. But my stomach is so flat, and my saddle bags are disappearing quickly so I know I am losing a good amount of fat. Can't wait for my body fat to come down so I can SEE all these muscles I'm making!

Stretching is another thing I am so excited about. When I started working out a month ago, I could not even touch my toes! Now I can grab the bottom of my foot and hold the stretch for a good while. I can sit Indian style with my feet together and push my knees almost all the way down to the floor. AND my shoulder that has been in knots for 19 months (why do I know the exact number of months, because it started when Hana got here) is FINALLY pain free and knot free! It feels SO good to be able to turn my head and to not have that chronic ache all the time! Wahoooooo!!! I also do not wake up with my lower back hurting anymore. And my knees and ankles do not bother me the least little bit when climbing stairs or sitting on the floor! It feels so good, I feel as young as I am again and all within the first month! It will only get better from here!!!

Tomorrow, the recording with Ai is finally over and she goes home, so I can take my time at the gym and also use the spa again! Can't wait to use the sauna and cold pool again. I love to get int he sauna and get all steamed up and then go lower myself down in the COLD pool. The water temp is about 50 degrees F, 18 C and I know that sounds cold, but when you get used to it, it feels sooooooooooooo good! Especially after getting REALLY hot in a 90 C temp sauna! It is so good for the circulation too, to go from hot to cold like that. I usually cycle it three times, 10 minutes in the sauna, then as long as I can stand in the cold pool, 3 times! I haven't been doing that though because I need to get back home since we have a guest in the house! I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

OK, enough of that, I'm off to take my bath and then do some Bible study!

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