Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time flies when you're having fun...

I used to love to keep a journal, but it has been YEARS since I journaled in any way. The introduction of computers into my life, drastically diminished how much I pick up a pin and paper, plus marriage meant I spent much less time doing things for myself. I thought it was time I start keeping my thoughts in some location, for future reference. Who knows who will read them or when, but it is therapeutic for me at least!

I have several new things going on in my life. First of all, I'm losing weight! I joined a gym 2 weeks ago, although I've been careful about what I eat since about January. I've lots about 3 kilo! It feels good, and I plan to keep it up. I go a book called Weigh Down Diet and have really enjoyed it. It isn't really a diet in that you follow rules about what you eat, it is written by a Christian woman who advocates that God created our bodies to know when and how much we should eat, and we have just ignored it for too long. She is so right! I used to eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted, and never gained a pound. But I realize now, after looking at my eating habits, that I gain weight now because I eat when I am not hungry. Before, I ate when and what I wanted, but I only ate when I was hungry. Now I eat when it is a scheduled time, because of family and work obligations. And I eat everything that is put in front of me, I do not stop when I am full. My husband is VERY against leaving anything on your plate, so when I married him I felt like I always had to clean my plate. And that created a bad habit of overeating. I would serve myself the same size serving as I served him and then eat it all, literally making myself miserable every time I ate. Even though my husband still doesn't approve, I am going to back to leaving food on my plate when I am feel comfortably full. It is working already!

My other two new "things" are my home based business ventures! Since our daughter Hana came, I go less with Rocky for ministry and wanted something to do with my time at home. My Mom introduced me to a network marketing company and I am loving it. My other business venture is with a friend here in Japan. She and I, (she is also an American) have been overwhelmed by how much the Japanese people love our children's clothing! We get a lot of clothes from America and they are so cheap and SO much cuter than affordable Japanese clothing! So we decided it would be a great business venture to sell cute American baby clothes over the internet. We are calling it qtbaby and it will hopefully get off the ground in a few months. More about my two businesses later!

For now I better get to work.


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