Sunday, April 09, 2006

Work out report (4/09)

Gym closes at 7 pm on Sundays so I couldn't go today. I worked out here at home.

30 min
2400 steps
350 calories

breakfast - CyberWize Protein shake
a few little snacks after church (a couple of bites of a few things and then gave the rest to Rocky)
lunch - hamburger steak, rice (a little bit), salad, soup
dinner - fish, rice (a little bit), kabocha salad, 2 little chicken wings, tofu
and one chocolate chip cookie from yesterday shared with Rocky! Circle Of Hearts

We don't have scales here at home so I couldn't weigh in today... still debating whether or not I want scales at home or not... Thinking

I was a good girl today, could have eaten a little less at each meal, but did not over eat and didn't snack bad. Didn't feel too hungry between meals, but didn't feel hungry at all at dinner time. If we'd been at home, I wouldn't have eaten until I felt hungry but we were at Rocky's parents and I get nagged if I don't eat over there. so I ate... No

I should do REALLY well tomorrow! I will be very busy all day!
love, me!

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