Friday, April 21, 2006

Busy day

Well I didn't get to work out today because it was really busy. Hana and I didn't get home until 9pm and Daddy didn't get home until even later than that, so no time to go to the gym. What was I doing??? I was getting ready for the launch of QTbaby!!! That is what I was doing! We have decided to try going to a flea market on Saturday to begin selling and start forming a customer base for the business. Plus a friend of Anne's came over tonight and she bought over $100 worth of the clothing! Our first big sale! We are technically already in business.

So tonight I made t-shirts for us to wear at the flea market. It may be cold on that day and is forcast to possibly rain, so I am praying we actually get to do this thing! But I got the t-shirts done, and here is a picture for you to see...

Here is a more close up shot so you can see a little better...

and then here is Rocky's t-shirt! He is so excited about his being "different". See how long it takes you to figure out what is so different about his...

He just loves to be different. We sort of had our printer and software sending eachother mixed signals, and didn't get things printed out right at first. So Rocky gets the "special" shirt!

I'll let you know how Saturday turns out, if we don't get rained out! We are so excited! By the way, the website it not up and going yet, that is coming soon. Computer

Here we go Anne, are you ready for this?

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