Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Work out report (4/25)

I am up way too late tonight so this will be short!

workout: (gym closed on Tues.)
home stepper, 43 min, 3580 steps, 500 calories (the stepper counter is VERY generous I think)
abs, stretch

breakfast: too busy to eat, wasn't hungry either
lunch: pumpkin harusame noodle soup, small piece of bread, some apple, tea
snack: toast with whipped honey (YUM)
dinner: pork kimuchi rice bowl, milk, tea

I did GREAT with my eating today. Felt pretty hungry right before dinner, I think because my lunch was REALLY low cal. The noodle package said it was 130 calories only. That is low. I wish I knew how many calories was in that rice bowl I had for dinner... let me check the internet... 807! wow, that was steep. So my total calories today probably came to about... 1,200 or so. That is pretty good! I am glad I did so well earlier in the day, that rice bowl was a lot of calories!

So anyways, it was a good day but I better get to bed. Tomorrow will be busy again!

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