Monday, April 24, 2006

Work out report (4/24)

Had a pretty good day of rest. Just did random things, for CyberWize, QTbaby, and MY cutie baby. Who by the way has a fever and diarrhea this evening. Poor thing. She's been kind of low key all day and I suspected something was up. I hope she'll be Ok by morning. Usually when she has fever she wakes up during the middle of the night several times. Poor baby.

OK, so I have AWESOME news! All that thinking I wasn't doing so well on eating right these last few days. Well it didn't seem to matter very much. I figured surely I would be up on the scales a little today, or just the same at the most. I was sooooooooo shoked to see my weight today...


Not only did I get to see the 68's again, I am well down into them! I looked at my weight chart on the computer at the gym, just three weeks ago I was 71.4!!! That is almost 3 kilo in 3 weeks! My goal of 65 by June is totally in reach. I am so excited!!!

35 minutes on stepper, 330 calories, 130 stories climbed
abs, arms


lunch: vegetable stir friend rice with a little chopped pork, kimchi, tea
snack: glass of orange juice
after workout snack: banana
dinner: small hamburger patty, green peas rice, salad, tororo

I learned one lesson today, I went to workout at 4pm. I usually work out in the evenings after dinner, but today going in the afternoon was TOUGH. It had been several hours since lunch, and I could tell I needed more fuel. My normal routine was a struggle to get through. I have to remember from now on to eat something before I go workout. It is obvious that my metabolism is catching up so I can afford to fuel the workout, so I feel good during it and can make the most of each part of my workout. It seems like a waste to go and workout if I will cheat on my activites because I am tired and feeling sluggish. Like today, I can usually do my whole stepper routine without holding onto the rails, but today I had to grab on a few times to make it easier on my legs. I don't want to waste all the hard work, so gotta have enough energy!

I was following a book that suggests not to eat unless you FEEL hunger pains. This working well for me, but you'll notice I also didn't have breadfast today. I wasn't feeling hungry so I didn't eat until lunch. But by lunch time I was almost desperate to sit down and eat. And then my workout was so sluggish, I think I will go ahead and eat a little something for breakfast every morning anyways, that probably significantly impacted my low energy this afternoon. Again, I am obviously doing fine, and I've been eating breakfast almost everyday so no worries. Besides I love my toast with whipped honey in the mornings!

It is just so exciting to be seeing results this time. The last time I got into the gym I did not change my eating habits much and reasoned that just working out would bring off the weight but it didn't. I lost a little at first but then stayed the same forever. I also ended up eating more a lot of the time because I convinced myself that I was working out and that would take care of it. I feel great this time, and it feels awesome to see the pounds coming off and the muscle tone coming on!!!

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