Sunday, April 16, 2006

Work out report (4/16)

Nothing to report today, because I took a break! It was Easter Sunday today, a very long day at church Easter Church and I just wanted to take it easy this evening. I may see on the scales tomorrow the results of today, but we shall see...

Food: I did pretty good considering it was potluck Easter dinner at church today and there were snacks out ALL day!

breakfast: cyberwize protein shake
lunch: various things but I had very small servings
snacks: various things throughout the afternoon Easter Tug
dinner: salad, a couple french fries, water
evening snack: a donut

not the best eating day but that's ok, back on track tomorrow!

Today was an awesome day at church, check out the Ayatsuka blog to hear about it!

Happy Easter!!! Child Basket

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